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Hostel dictionaries

Want to know what "wardrobe" or "plug socket" means in German? Or in Chinese? In Russian? In Arabic? Or how to say: "It's your turn for washing up!" in other languages?

"Deutsches Studentenwerk", a hostel operator in Germany, has released a student hostel dictionary in various languages. Here we publish the links to these dictionaries by courtesy of "Deutsches Studentenwerk":

German – Chinese – English:

https://www.studentenwerke.de/sites/default/files/44_illu_Wohnheimwoerterbuch.pdf (8,39 Megabyte)


German – French– Spanish:

https://www.studentenwerke.de/sites/default/files/45_Wohnheimwoerterbuch_d-fr-sp.pdf (1,63 Megabyte)


German – French – Arabic:

https://www.studentenwerke.de/sites/default/files/46_Wohnheimwoerterbuch_d-fr-arab.pdf (3,61 Megabyte)


German – Polish – Russian:

https://www.studentenwerke.de/sites/default/files/47_Wohnheimwoerterbuch_d-pol-russ.pdf (1,64 Megabyte)



Results of ÖJAB residents survey 2013



Please find further download documents on the German version of this page. You may use online translators like http://translate.google.com to get the information.


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